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At Oishii Creative we strive to inspire every day. We believe inspiration stirs wonder, curiosity and excitement, and pushes us to see the world in a new way. These beliefs fuel our dreams, creative and collaborations. It’s the vitality we bring to each assignment and each challenge.

Driven by our vision

Oishii Creative is made up of dreamers, rebels, and idealists. We want to change the world through thoughtful strategy and innovative design. We believe good design should move freely across all mediums from digital and marketing design to branding and on-air campaigns.

Loved by our friends

  • “Working with Oishii Creative … was a fantastic experience.  They brought a high level of creative integrity to the project and were able to work within our parameters while still thinking outside the box.  What they executed creatively was matched with a strong sense of professionalism on the business side. They hit every deadline, came in on budget and managed every step of the process skillfully and efficiently.”

    Carey Zeiser, Supervising Producer, NBCUniversal / E

  • “Oishii was able to translate the powerful sentiments of a recent Wall Street Journal tennis column into a visual representation of the sport’s unprecedented strength today.  The piece not only captures the way so many people feel about the sport we cover every day, but also anchored our Upfront-presentation rollout during a time of critical network focus from within the advertising community.  It was great working with them; they more than delivered.”

    Robyn Miller, SVP Marketing, Tennis Channel

  • “My experience with Oishii was positive. They were enthusiastic about the project, and delivered great ideas under a very tight deadline. I was thrilled with the end result, and with the entire collaboration!”

    Sara Coyne, Executive Producer, Authentic Entertainment

  • “Oishii uses technology on your stuff above and beyond what you see other agencies doing …. They’re really at the forefront in using … the latest technologies…. Oishii is a very creative agency, consistently pushing the boundaries of the latest technology.”

    Jason Trautwein, Senior Producer, NFL Network

  • “Oishii has an understanding…of my aesthetic, which is most critical to me. The execution was very professional, thorough and patient …. They are great collaborators.”

    Mark Pellington, Principal, Pellington Films

  • “The task in front of Oishii wasn’t small — they needed to craft a new look and feel to an established show.  Like on many TV series, there are a lot of cooks in our kitchen, so a collaboration of this nature has many opportunities to go awry.  Almost magically, Oishii navigated a creative, productive path to success and came through for us on time and on budget.  Together with composer Joey Newman, the Oishii team helped give the show a major facelift.  Kudos!”

    Jeff Weaver, Executive Producer, Authentic Entertainment

  • “Amazing job … it looked like a big budget commercial and it wasn’t, it was just beautiful.”

    Terry McCormick, Creative Director, Nicktoons

  • “Very positive experience, appreciated their flexibility and problem solving.  Appreciated being able to work with rate.  Never felt a lack of customer service.  Very pleasant.”

    Mike Witting, Online editor/VFX editor/Compositor, Larry Levinson Productions

  • “A really pleasant and positive collaboration!”

    Lee Hunt, Principal, Lee Hunt

  • “Excellent creative agency, quick study in terms of brand objectives and issues, really approach it strategically … in understanding what the brand means to their business and audience.”

    Robyn Miller, SVP Marketing, Tennis Channel


Delivered by passion

dare to inspire


Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Rocked SXSWi

Photo via Network World

Photo via Network World

My goal at SXSWi this year was to not only make it into the actual keynote presentations (which meant arriving early!), but to attend sessions that were outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to feel inspired in my everyday life and broaden my perspective both personally and professionally.

Well, I have to say that Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (host of FOX’s rebooted “Cosmos” show) handily — and emphatically — delivered. His Bill Cosby-like comedic chops, likeable personality, vast knowledge of science and uncanny ability to make the subject accessible to anyone — made me want to jump back into my grade school science class and learn all over again.

Tyson is, by far, one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever come across in any conference, festival or event. And it was clear by the wild applause, hoots and hollers from the audience that they were just as captivated by him as I was.

Said Tyson: “I don’t want to hand out answers. When you explore, all those answers come for free.”

One of my favorite parts was when Tyson talked about how children perceive the world, and aren’t afraid to challenge or question the status quo. He shared a hilarious story about how he encouraged his daughter to take a skeptical view and test the myth of the Tooth Fairy. Rather than flat-out denying the childhood fantasy figure’s existence, he equipped his daughter to do experiments with her friends. What did they do? They put their teeth under their pillows without telling their parents!

My takeaway from Dr. Tyson’s keynote is to see the world through the lens of a child. Never suppress your curiosity. Test and try things out for yourself. Don’t just accept what others tell you as truth. Keeping an open mind and open heart will lead to many discoveries about yourself and the universe around you.

10 Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes To Fuel Your Love Of Science

Courtesy of Mashable

1. “A scientist is just a kid who never grew up.”

2. “Science literacy is how much do you still wonder about the world around you. What is your state of curiosity?”

3. “You can’t just choose what is true and what isn’t.”

4. “All the nine-planet people out there, just get over it. It’s eight!”

5. “There’s so much to be impressed with in the universe. I don’t want you to be distracted by things in the universe that are not.”

6. “One reason we should go space: You know the dinosaurs would have gone there if they could have. Dinosaurs didn’t have opposable thumbs or a space program, though.”

7. “To be scientifically literate is to know when someone else is full of bologna sandwich.”

8. “The missing skepticism is the problem.”

9. “If we’re trying to go into the 21st century and be competitive, we can’t just believe we’ll be competitive.”

10. “I would encourage you to not become attached to the number of things. There’s no physics in the number of things.”

And a brilliant piece by Fredric Paul of Network World on how Dr. Tyson’s insights could apply to the world of enterprise technology and networking.

– Michele Lu Kumar, Principal of Priya PR


Seeing the World Through Kubrick’s Eyes

Inspired thinking starts with looking at the world differently. It can come from within ourselves, but it’s often more fun when it comes from artists — visual artists, such as Stanley Kubrick, for example. Kubrick invites us to see our daily lives by way of visual cues and patterns. It’s always a jolt to the system and at the same time, a hilarious (and enlightening) way to feel and experience.

Kubrick’s creative visionary mind and methods of thinking are akin to some of today’s tools:

• Boxes are a tangible version of Google and other search engines.

• His photography requests resemble Google maps.

• His late night memos resemble texts or tweets.

Just watch this documentary on Kubrick to see what we mean. And let us know what you think. How are you seeing the world in a different way?

Stanley Kubricks Boxes from JAVARING on Vimeo.